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Crochet Designer | Stylist | Artist | Speaker | Cheerleader for Women

Jamila's story

When I was younger, I was not comfortable with who I was...specifically with how I looked. I was always the shortest...the darkest...the skinniest, etc. Basically, I was not what was seen as the "pretty girl" coming up. Somewhere around my Sophomore year, I came into myself for lack of better terms and haven't looked back. As I have grown well into my adulthood, I have encountered countless women who just don't think highly of themselves, whether it be physically, emotionally, etc. We live in a time now where mental health concerns are exceptionally high and are often overlooked, specifically by women of color. Lots of women are suffering from low-self esteem, poor self-image, and tend to place themselves on the backburner in terms of caring for themselves. Having a healthy self-image backed with a testimony on how I got here, I would love to help other women arrive at the place of freedom in themselves as well. I want women to not only know that they're beautiful but to FEEL beautiful as well...but from the INSIDE out. In my own journey, I learned that when I looked better, I felt better and fashion became a way for me to express myself and to basically show up and take up space in the world. Using specific colors to uplift my moods, I have learned how to use my wardrobe and accessories to enhance my mental health and my goal with J. Riley is to teach other women to do the same!






My love language is definitely food.

My formal background/schooling is in Art Education.

I'm an introvert AND an extrovert but I REALLY enjoy time alone.

I am passionate about encouraging people, especially women, and more specifically black and brown women.

I LOVE fashion and styling. I really just can’t get enough of it!

My favorite color is green.

I believe that camo and animal prints are solids.


My favorite season is Fall because you can REALLY show your style sense in this season. 

Got a little time?

Watch Jamila's podcast interview and get to know her better.

Wanna listen to just the audio?



Jamila Riley is more than a crochet designer! She can work with you on styling whether for personal, professional or a photoshoot. She has done presentations and workshops on various topics and is a wonderful event speaker and host to motivate your audience. Connect with her today!

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